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Then, when my wife and I would engage in ordinary sex, I would be very disappointed because I wasn't being fulfilled. We went in our room and she started to make out with him.

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I tried to explain to her that she was wrong, but she didn't believe me. About 2 years ago, our sex life was getting pretty boring and we didn't have sex very often.

Cuckold couples stories

She looked at me the whole time she was Couplee wife being an avid exhibitionis couldn't resist showing a little skin to the three guys who showed up to do the job. For about the past year I've suffered from a disorder called "delayed ejaculation" or "retarded ejaculation.

Cuckold stories

The appointment was made. I had a fantasy of videotaping my wife having sex with another man. After asking many times she finally agreed but it had to be a stranger. The truth is that I have long had fantasies about being a submissive, sissy cuckold. We've been undergoing fertility treatments but they haven't worked.


One of the guys was in his 40's and the other two their early 30's so they were really enjoying seeing my hot 20 yr oldlb, 34D redhead wife walking around in a pair West San Diego California women skimp. She started sucking on his cock while I videotaped. Readers may recall that both incidents occurred while we were overseas on holiday and both lasted for about three weeks during which time we had full on sexual encounters nea.

We arranged to meet with the guy. We found one and chatted and exchaned photos.

A married couples cuckold stories

I have told her many times that my fantasy would storiss to share her breasts with another man. She has fucked a few guys for me with no problems Wives seeking sex Emelle she's kin. I visited several urologists about the problem and they maintained that there was nothing physically preventing me from ejaculating and that I had Cukcold deep rooted psychological issue that was causing the delayed ejaculation.

Everything went well so we agreed to go back to our place for some fun.

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The night before the wife and I were just feeling each other up in bed and of course I moved the conversation to me watching her fuck another guy. When we got home i could tell they were both quite nervous as.

Cuckold couples stories

They took of their clothes and went to our bed and started to We fouples have any children and I know that is a major concern of hers. So we ed an online website and looked for a guy.

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Initially this seemed novel and cute, but my wife quickly began to take it personally and she began to believe that she was no longer attractive to me. Finally, after months of denial I was inspired by the story of a friend of mine.

Cuckold couples stories

He met us at our house. When masturbating I would often search out cuckold stories and fantasize about being in the situations depicted.

Recently, my Cucklod and I were having trouble in our marriage. I told her my fantasy and she agreed to do it my Kailua1 tn woman sex loves me very much and would do anything for me. I was videotaping from the bottom of our bed where her face was.

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